An Ohio family developed and recently launched the #FRONTLINEPROUD™ campaign to help community members recognize and support frontline workers in various industries.

With several family members working in healthcare and on the frontlines during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ron and Evie Burns of Tiffin, Ohio, wished there was a way for community members to not only recognize and show support, but to help make a difference.

And the #FRONTLINEPROUD™ campaign and fund was the answer.

Today, the cause is being led by Ron and Evie Burns, their daughter Bobbie Huber, and her husband Brian, a practicing physician and Medical Director of Immediate Care Center at The South Bend Clinic in South Bend, Indiana.

“The mission of #FRONTLINEPROUD is to show support for frontline workers involved in a variety of industries through a campaign that promotes unity and helps generate funds that will go toward organizations/causes that are supporting or giving back in our community’s essential workforce in a variety of ways,” Ron Burns said.

The #FRONTLINEPROUD campaign has made available banners, signs, and wearables promoting the message. For every item sold, $10 will go to #FRONTLINEPROUD Fund, administered by the Greater Fostoria Community Foundation Fund. Monies raised will go toward items such as care packages and meals, equipment, training, and other needs identified in front line fields.

The Frontline Proud campaign team also works with corporate partners to share the message through their employees, or to donate directly to the foundation fund.

Ballreich Snack Food Company in Tiffin, Ohio, was one of the first to take #FRONTLINE PROUD to its employees, and to its customers – with #FRONTLINEPROUD decals on red, white, and blue Patriot Boxes of potato chips that will reach local stores around the Memorial Day weekend.

Ballreich’s is also providing customized #FRONTLINEPROUD t-shirts to the company’s very own frontline heroes.

“The idea of what is a “hero” has taken on a whole new meaning in current times. Every day frontline workers like doctors, nurses, warehouse employees, teachers, truck drivers and more – are working tirelessly under extreme conditions to keep America moving forward,” said Jamie Twining, VP of Sales at Ballreich.

From the Burns family’s perspective, the past few months have led many people to gain a real appreciation and recognize the importance and sacrifices of those working on the frontlines every day. And the Burns’ hope to see #FRONTLINEPROUD become a mindset and fundraising cause that endures beyond the current health crisis.

“We must support and appreciate our first responders, military, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, grocers and food-service workers, and others too vast to name. Not everyone can be on the FRONTLINE fighting a battle, risking their own well-being for others or their country. It is important to remember we ALL have a part to play in the fight and sometimes that depends on the fight, it may be on the frontlines serving, or in the trenches providing support and supplies, or perhaps behind the scenes conducting research and formulating strategies,” Bobbie Huber said.

No matter the fight or cause, there will always be a frontline ... and for that, be proud!

To learn more or purchase #FRONTLINEPROUD items, visit www.frontlineproud.com.